Captivating and Confident

taught by Brenda Adelman

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YOU on Video- LIVE!!!!!

This is for Coaches, Healers, Educators, Consultants, Service Based Businesses, Product Based Business, Speakers (who haven't been schooled in how to use video) and Small Business Owners,,,
who thought you were only going to be BEHIND THE SCENES! Now you are just scared to look bad and don't know how to fix this.

Surprise...Surprise...enter Facebook Live and well, everything video!

And as soon as you sign-up you'll also want to join my  Facebook Group which is a safe REHEARSAL SPACE to practice your LIVE STREAMS.

4 comprehensive program modules on acting and performance and writing training

Imagine how much better you will feel after knowing...

what to say

how to say it and 

how to feel comfortable on video!

Find out how to be MORE YOU, the BEST OF YOU when you press play ,,,

not the robotic zombie version that sometimes shows up on camera.

Be YOU - how you are one-on-one with friends and colleagues and clients ...

,,,On Video...and every time!

Authentic & Confident













and/or the funny person you know you are but don't know how to  bring to the shot-the show- when the video is on you for your close up.

*I have an exercise to help you hone in on the top 3 qualities that will help you connect with your ideal audience.

When they know you they will follow you and hire you.

The videos you'll be shooting in this course are designed to be your little salespeople- running behind the scenes so you don't have to work so hard.

In YOU on Video you'll discover how to...

  • speak your Truth confidently
  • be captivating
  • bring your personality to each video and
  • hit the ground running with videos you can use in your business.

Will they be playful, serious or spiritual?

It really depends - on your True Essence- which we will be narrowing in on during the very first lesson.

Find your sweet spot before you post your videos publicly!

Sit back, relax and get comfortable in our 'rehearsal' room (my FB group page)

You'll get the skills you need from a master acting coach, yup, that's me -Brenda Adelman during this 4 module training. (You have access to the training modules for 1 full year)

*I'll be looking for your questions in the FB group.

I'll be your secret weapon if you'll let me.

This program takes everything Brenda (that's me) has learned from

  • attending top acting classes in Los Angeles and New York and London for over a decade
  • traveling the world acting in her critically acclaimed one-woman show (based on her life story) My Brooklyn Hamlet, for audiences as diverse as mental health trainers, youth-at-risk, women prisoners and at theatres!
  • acting in commercials and industrials and films.
  • getting a Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology and being a transformational life coach
  • being interviewed for multiple media outlets including FOX TV morning news
  • and working as a personal stylist

She combines it all to help YOU uncover any blocks you have to BECOMING MORE VISIBLE

You'll BLAST THROUGH them. ..with Brenda by your side.

YOU on Video Made Simple


Welcome Video 

Thank You Page Video 

Free Video Tips Series 

Video Blog (Vlog)

Video Posts On Social Media 

Story Video (About Me Page) 

How To Videos 

YouTube Videos 

Video Interviews *

Your Facebook Lives

Video Performance: everything you could want to know about being real, bringing the best of your personality to your videos and connecting with your audiences on video.

Here's what someone new to my work wrote after participating in my 7 day free video challenge:

"The way that you uniquely combine your acting skills with doing transformational forgiveness and healing work is PROFOUND, and it really demonstrates how powerful this medium is. 

 What is available is not just getting better on camera or making more sales or getting more followers. It truly is an opportunity to facilitate deep healing and transformation THROUGH video. How crazy is that?!?!

 I have had quite a bit of experience speaking onstage. I've been trained as a professional speaker and trainer. But what I've gotten a glimpse into here PALES in comparison to the training that I've had. The combination of the performing arts ALONG WITH facilitating transformation is what speaks to me, and it's that combination that I've never come across IN THIS WAY in my 15+ years of doing this work.

I hope you'll join me in the Live program!

DeAnne Joy

FYI: DeAnne has SOLD 17 spots in her brand new program after creating her new sales video  based on the skills she learned with me. :) JOIN US NOW WHILE YOU CAN or....keep doing the same thing you've been doing.

In YOU on Video you will....


    Do you know what qualities you lead with? 

    In acting this is you castability- the roles you get auditions for and book.

    You may think of yourself in a certain way but it doesn't match with how you come across. When that happens you don't get the job. 

    As an entrepreneur it's comparable to you not connecting with your ideal clients.

    You'll get a powerful exercise in this training that integrates who you are with how you come across and gets you into alignment so you attract the right audience/ clients who want to hire you.


    Want to know how the celebrities create instant rapport, connection and emotions with their viewers?

    You're getting a Backstage Pass in this module.

    This training is practical and fun!

    The acting techniques are shown to you in bite size videos so you can easily rehearse and then Press Play!
  • Know whether to use the PHONE VS COMPUTER

    What are the benefits of each and how the heck do you shoot your LIVE STREAMS from your computer? I'll go over easy set ups.

    So you feel CONFIDENT and don't LOSE YOUR CREDIBILITY..just because you never learned this.

    No more easy fix tech mistakes ever again. (Ah, breath that sigh of relief)


    What if I told you that CONFIDENCE is an inside job?

    It is!

    In this lesson you'll learn how to deal with naysayers (aka haters/ judgers) and make sure you are excellent at what you are presenting. 

    Plus you'll get personal style tips from me (I was a stylist in a former life)

    Tips for your hair, your make-up and what colors to wear.

    Is it better to have a script memorized, use a teleprompter, or improvise?

    How the heck are you supposed to know?

    I took over ten years of acting classes to learn this stuff, in addition to being part of a professional improvisation group.

    I'll give you the pros and cons of each.

    Discover the techniques actors use to book jobs, read 'cold' (never seeing a script before they have to read it in front of a casting director or producer and on video) and how they create the connection on video so they get the job.
  • BONUS: DISCOVER the difference between presenting on video and on stage.

  • There's also a big difference between shooting  

  • a close up

  • a medium shot and 

  • a long shot. 

  • (Part of the professional actors bag of tricks which I'll be sharing with you in YOU on Video) This way you are always prepared and always professional.

Brenda Adelman’s guidance on upping my video skills was clear, concise and spot on. I learned to just be myself when using my computer or phone to record videos! Her expertise is real and practical. I plan to work with her again to learn more. I have done two video tele summits now and applied what I learned from Brenda to Relax and Breathe .” Pompe  Vidal

Tech Basics

No video program is complete without the basics included.

While this course is based on giving you everything you need to know to shoot videos you feel confident about and like you are bringing all of YOU to- 

I've also got you covered in this basic tech department too.

You'll receive LIGHTING tips to make you look your best.
COMPOSITION tips to shoot a good frame.
AUDIO tips so you sound good (I've got acting techniques about this too :) &
EQUIPMENT tips so you don't have to spend a lot- or any money to look great.

This is for Coaches, Healers, Educators, Consultants, Service Based Businesses, Product Based Business, Speakers (who haven't been schooled in how to use video) and Small Business Owners,,,
who thought you were only going to be BEHIND THE SCENES!

And now you are scared to press play because you don't know what you are doing.

You are tired of not knowing what to say, being boring and worse yet- looking like an amateur- when you are a PRO

Surprise...Surprise...enter Facebook Live and well, everything video!

 "I’ve been in business a long time, and have been on lots of stages, but still uncomfortable with video despite everyone encouraging me to start using video to promote my business.  Brenda  creates a warm and safe space to “rehearse” and offers simple tips that not only made it easier, but helped communicate my message better. Literally the next week I was on a project where I was asked “can you send over a video on that?”  I would have been paralyzed 2 weeks before, but my new inner voice said “Oh, you’ve got this!”  Thank you, Brenda. ”  Mary Lyn Miller

This program was created because while I have years of acting training and experience which has made it easy for me to speak on stages, and video summits and on TV and in my business videos- I realized most of my colleagues in the heart-centered solopreneur business circles that I am in did not.

I've heard horror stories of the panic that sets in, the wine involved, the sweating and still not looking good...

I see videos all the time that show no personality, are robotic (not relaxed) and.....dare I say it...BORING! 

I did...I said it.

There's just too much competition out there to not have the real YOU come through. The REAL YOU is AMAZING.

I've had clients come to me who are super talented BADASS experts and yet as soon as they had to go on camera they turned into people who showed a lack of confidence, no real skills (where to look, where to put the light so they look their best, etc)

I want to help you and now I this 4 module comprehensive online Program, YOU on Video.

And I'm doing it LIVE and VIRTUAL!

This has been a Do It Yourself Program since I launched it but I have time in my schedule to lead this again so it is truly DONE WITH YOU. (and costs less than three hours of coaching with me on-on-one....but you even get one-on-one coaching with me in this program. 

Make FEAR of Video a thing of the

Grow your business while showing your tribe who you really are!

Brenda  Adelman
Brenda Adelman
Forgiveness and Storytelling Expert

Brenda has traveled the world presenting her life story in a one-woman stage show (My Brooklyn Hamlet), speaking on the message of her story (forgiveness and using our stories to live on purpose) and leading self-forgiveness workshops and story workshops for audiences as diverse as women prisoners, youth-at-risk, the US military, for peace centers, grad students and spiritual communities.

Brenda's been nominated for awards, won awards (Best Actress, Hero of Forgiveness award from The Hawaii International Forgiveness Project ) and she's a critically acclaimed performer. Her show was a Critic's Pick at several International theatre festivals. (Los Angeles, Orlando, San Diego)

She's regulary been interviewed on podcasts, radio shows, publications, network  & local TV including Fox TV News and NPR

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